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Tire maintenance


A defect inherent in tires and wheels may create pressure on the steering and suspension system. It is important to correct them to the standard under the owner's manual. 


• When experiencing any symptoms of vibration.
• When having new tires installed or tires rotated.

Package included?

• Computerized verification of all wheels 
• Visual inspection of the tire tread
• If the vehicle contains a Tire Pressure Monitoring System, an additional charge may be applied


Tire Condition

Wear Patterns


Correcting catch problems with your tires and your suspension, steering or wheels via monitoring tire wear patterns. Wear is a good sign of tires lives.


• While performing an oil change.
• If having traction and/or fuel economy issues.
• If experiencing any signs of vibration or wobbling.

what should you do?

• Visual inspection/check over of tire tread to identify problems with the tires and other components of the car

Care Tire

Tire pressure


The common problem of tire breakdown is under-inflation. Even extreme under-inflation can be challenging to discover visually, so always use a tire pressure check.


Monitor tire pressures at least twice a month, significantly when temperature changes. 

What should you do?

• Measure tire pressure on all four tires
• Make sure it meets factory specifications.
• Keep an accurate tire gauge handy at all times. 

Check your owner's manual for recommendations for your vehicle. 


Tire Rotation


Getting your tires rotated will make driving smooth, slow down the wear of tires and keep tires' lives for a longer time.  


• Based on average, tire rotation is recommended every 10,000 km.

What should you do?

• Rotating the tires as per the manufacturer's recommendations.
• Check tire for wear and tear of the tires
• Measuring tire pressure base on manufacturer's specifications.
• Adjusting torque of the wheel lug nuts to the manufacturer's specifications.

• If the vehicle is equipped with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System, an additional charge may be applied. 


new tires

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