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Steering & Suspension

Your vehicle relies on a broad range of components to ensure that it handles correctly and drives smoothly over bumps and uneven road conditions. When any of these components are worn or fatigued, your vehicle no longer performs at its best. EZ4U Auto Care recommends inspecting your steering and suspension components regularly to ensure that all parts are functioning properly and that your vehicle drives smoothly.

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Steering & Suspension Repairs
We perform the following services:

• Ball joints, control arms and bushings

• Steering components, including tie rods and steering gears

• Hub assemblies and bearings

• Lateral links and stabilizer bars

• CV axles and joints

• Shocks, struts and springs

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Watch for several warning signs that your vehicle may need steering and suspension services:

  • Your vehicle pulls to the left or right.

  • You must constantly adjust the steering wheel to maintain a direction.

  • Your steering wheel vibrates or jerks around.

  • Your brakes don’t stop the vehicle efficiently.

  • Your tires are wearing unevenly or more than normal.

  • You hear loud knocks, clunks, or squeaks whenever you drive over a bump in the road.

  • Your vehicle continues to move up and down, even after passing over a bump in the road.


Some of these issues can be fixed with smaller repairs like realigning your tires or refilling power steering fluid. However, because your steering and suspension system is made up of many complex components, you should let one of our professional technicians perform an inspection to pinpoint and repair the problem.

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